Борис Штейнберг. Конвейерные схемы, вычисляющие несколько выражений

Boris Steinberg

department chair, SFEDU

Boris Shteinberg is a professor of Southern Federal University. Boris has moved from pure mathematics to computer science. As a pure mathematician solved the problem posed by two German scientists at the international conference on applications of pure mathematics to mechanics (Meister E., Speck F.-O. Some multi-dimensional Winer-Hopf equations with applications of Pure Mathematics to mechanics, Kozubnik, Poland, 12-17 September, 1977).


Pipeline circuits to compute several expressions

October 13, 12:10
Room III|III зал

This work belongs to the area of high-level synthesis. It is dedicated to preliminary С program transformations before those programs are automatically translated into electronic circuit HDL description by a compiler. Transformations in questions are aimed at finding pipeline circuit that is able to compute several different software loops. Making such pipeline could lead to FPGA resource conservation for generated circuit and could save time necessary for FPGA accelerator reprogramming. Developing these transformations is proposed based on OPS (Optimizing parallelizing system). The problem of finding optimal pipeline appears to be computationally hard, but in certain cases reduces to a known problem of string alignment.


University Role in IT Specialists Training

October 12, 13:40
Room I|I зал

Discuss the presentation

Education is a continuous process. All participants of the conference studied, studying now and will continue to study. An important milestone for anyone is the basic education in their professional area (which is in most cases is university), so we invite all participants to the panel discussion: “The role of the university in the training of IT professionals.”

Three main facets of this complicated topic, which we want to discuss, are:

1 What employers expect from university graduates.
2 What of these can universities provide, and what do they need for this.
3 What are the alternatives to universities in the basic training of IT professionals.

Professor Boris Steinberg will make a lead talk prior to the discussion, and then he will become one of the “panelists from education”. We will hear and see a dialogue between “representatives of employers” and “representatives of education.” We hope that all those interested will be able to ask questions to the main panelists and make polemical attacks. As a result of the discussion, we will try to approach reasonable answers to the questions posed.


What happens to IT-education?

October 12, 13:10
Room I|I зал

Discuss the presentation

Discusses the economic reasons for the changes in education in Russia.

After the talk panel discussion University Role in IT Specialists Training will take place.

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