Максим Цепков. Мыслить проектно: история и современность

Maksim Tsepkov

Principal Solution Architect, CUSTIS

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Project mindset: the past and the present

October 12, 15:45
Room I|I зал

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At the dawn of the Digital Age, every IT team member was supposed to have a project mindset: to relate his objectives to the project goal and to the activities of the others and to come to assistance if necessary. At that time, Fred Brooks compared a chief programmer team with a surgical team. Software development process has come a long way since then: RUP with its requirements that leave the necessity to see the full picture to the project manager only, agile methodology with its concept of crossfunctional project team.

It can be said with confidence that is still important that every team member have a project mindset and not be limited to his area of expertise. By now, the project scope for every member has expanded significantly. The main criterion of success is no longer a development of software in accordance with the given requirements but the satisfaction of stakeholders and the solution of business problems.

In order to cultivate a project mindset one has to understand not only his work but also the concept of the project and what the other members are working on. Only then it becomes possible to gain mutual understanding and synergy of cooperative thinking. I’m going to tell you why it’s important to have a project mindset and how it can be developed.

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