Михаил Матросов. Как не потонуть в пучине легаси

Mikhail Matrosov

Expert Software Engineer, Align Technology

Graduated CMC MSU. Worked there in Graphics and Media Lab. Experienced in image processing and color theory. Currently an expert software engineer in Moscow R&D office of Align Technology. Develop platform of 3D CAD system used to design orthodontic appliances. The platform is used by a hundred of C++ developers. Frequent conference speaker: SECR, C++ Russia, SECON, CppCon.


How not to sink in the deep of legacy

October 12, 18:30
Room III|III зал

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To create great software from scratch and to turn big ball of legacy mud into a marble are completely different tasks. Many of us know how to create simple and robust interfaces, how to use the most effective and state of the art tools. But when faced against a huge product evolved through decades into a pile of spaghetti, when established processes are ineffective, and when urgent tasks await in the backlog…

I will tell personal experience of participation in establishment of a team aimed on global code quality enhancement. From the point of view of a developer solving organizational tasks. Thus, the talk would be worth listening no only for managers, but also to seasoned developers, who can see systematic problems (and are willing to solve them).

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