Roberto Tonelli

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Cagliari

Roberto Tonelli is assistant professor at DMI (Department of Mathematics and Informatics) of Cagliari University where is vice-coordinator of the Ph.D. school. He is the author of more than 100 papers on Software Engineering and on Complex Software Systems and recently he started investigating the Blockchain technology from a Software Engineering perspective. He coined with M. Marchesi and others the acronym BOSE (Blockchain Oriented Software Engineering) for describing the field of software engineering specifically devoted to Blockchain software and applications. He is Principal Investigator of various publicly founded projects involving researches in Blockchain and he is one of the main organizers of the two first international workshops on Blockchain Software Engineering: WETSEB 2018 and IWBOSE 2018.


An Agile Software Engineering Method to Design Blockchain Applications

October 13, 16:55
Room I|I зал

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This paper proposes a software development process to gather the requirement, analyze, design, develop, test and deploy Blockchain applications.

The process is based on Agile practices, but makes also use of more formal notations, such as some UML diagrams, modified to represent specific concepts found in Blockchain development. An example is given to show how the method works.

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