Тамара Кулинкович. Что ценно для разработчиков и что им предлагают ваши конкуренты: результаты исследования

Tamara Kulinkovich

Co-owner, Sorokin&Kulinkovich Studio

Co-owner of “Sorokin Studio and Kulinkovich”, author and co-owner of SAAS ATS, researcher

The company is engaged in the implementation and automation of HR and Sales processes, owns several schools of training specialists for the IT industry.

Tamara leads the direction of research and evaluation of teams, develops methodology, conducts research on products, companies and employees, introduces systems for evaluating specialists. Supervises projects to automate the selection and evaluation of specialists.


8 Counterintuitive Answers about User Research

October 13, 13:10
Room IV|IV зал

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What is valuable for developers and what your competitors are offering: the results of the research

October 12, 12:20
Room I|I зал

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Money, projects and training are not the only values ​​for which employees choose a company.

If you wondered how to compete with other companies for employees and how to attract new people, you will be interested in the results of the study of value propositions of IT companies in comparison with the expectations of IT professionals, measured by the Kano model.

As a result, you will have a comparison matrix of the proposals of competing companies, a top-list of values of employees of different categories and ages, and an algorithm for drawing up a unique proposal for your team.

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