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University Role in IT Specialists Training

October 12, 13:40
Room I|I зал

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Education is a continuous process. All participants of the conference studied, studying now and will continue to study. An important milestone for anyone is the basic education in their professional area (which is in most cases is university), so we invite all participants to the panel discussion: “The role of the university in the training of IT professionals.”

Three main facets of this complicated topic, which we want to discuss, are:

1 What employers expect from university graduates.
2 What of these can universities provide, and what do they need for this.
3 What are the alternatives to universities in the basic training of IT professionals.

Professor Boris Steinberg will make a lead talk prior to the discussion, and then he will become one of the “panelists from education”. We will hear and see a dialogue between “representatives of employers” and “representatives of education.” We hope that all those interested will be able to ask questions to the main panelists and make polemical attacks. As a result of the discussion, we will try to approach reasonable answers to the questions posed.

Moderator: Alexander Gavrilov

Deputy GM, Science and Technology Center, IBM

IBM Science and Technology Center Business Development Executive

Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. National IT-Qualification Development Council member.

Alexander has more than 25 years’ experience in IT-industry as in multinational corporations as in Russian companies and startups, 10+ years university lecturer experience in MEPhI and MSU.


Boris Steinberg

Борис Штейнберг. Конвейерные схемы, вычисляющие несколько выражений

department chair, SFEDU

Boris Shteinberg is a professor of Southern Federal University. Boris has moved from pure mathematics to computer science. As a pure mathematician solved the problem posed by two German scientists at the international conference on applications of pure mathematics to mechanics (Meister E., Speck F.-O. Some multi-dimensional Winer-Hopf equations with applications of Pure Mathematics to mechanics, Kozubnik, Poland, 12-17 September, 1977).

Igor Odintsov

RSC Group

Head of the Department of research in the Group of companies RSK.

From 2004 to 2015, he worked in Intel’s branch in St. Petersburg. Since 2010 – Manager of University and academic projects of Intel in Russia, and before that led the project to develop a system to support distributed computing Grid Program Intel Environment.

From 1992 to 2004 he worked as technical leader and project Manager in the development of compilers in the company “Elbrus MCST” under contract with “Sun Microsystems, Inc.”.

More than 25 years teaching at the mathematics and mechanics faculty St. Petersburg state University. Igor delivered courses “Operating systems”, “Languages and systems of programming”, “Databases”, “Managing software development”, “Psychology of programming”, etc.

He is an author of the textbook “Professional programming. A systematic approach” and more than 50 publications.

Nikolai Puntikov

President, First Line Software

Dr. Puntikov is the President of First Line Software, a global company offering broad range of software development and technology enablement services and solutions. Nikolai is a serial entrepreneur and business executive with a proven track record in building successful global organizations. He is also a committed advocate for the development of the Russian innovative ecosystem. In 2010, Nikolai co-founded the Russian Chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth and success of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures. Currently, he is the Chairman of CEE-SECR, the largest software engineering conference in Russia and Editor-in-chief of analytical portal Software Russia. Dr. Puntikov holds his M.S. degree from the St. Petersburg State University and a Doctorate degree from the Institute of Informatics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Ilia Shishkov

Илья Шишков, Яндекс. Просто о сложном: опыт создания курсов по C++ на Coursera

Senior software developer, Yandex

I’ve been working at Yandex since 2012. I took part in development of several Yandex.Search components. Apart from that I taught in Yandex School of Data Analisys. Now I work in educational department and lead creation of C++ specialization for Coursera. I have rich experience of giving talks: C++ Russia 2016, 2017, 2018.

Nikolay Igotti

Игорь Готти

Team lead of Kotlin/Native, JetBrains

Nikolay Igotti works as Team Lead on Kotlin/Native at JetBrains. Previously used to work at Sun Microsystems, EMC, Oracle, Google on various system level software, such as HotSpot Java Virtual Machine, VirtualBox hypervisor and Native/Client runtime.

Interests: runtimes, virtual machines, memory management, language design and concurrency approaches.

Igor Agamirzyan

Игорь Агамирзян

Vice-President, NRU HSE

Igor Agamirzian is the SECR Program Committee member since 2005, when it was founded.

Igor is leading expert in the field of computer and information technologies, venture investments and innovation-technological business.

For many years Igor Agamirzyan enters the ratings of the Russian managers of the computer business (“DATOR Top100” 1994 – 1998, “international Computer Club” – 1997).

In 2002 entered the “TOP 100 Russian IT-industry” according to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

In 2007 was included in the list of “top 100 Best managers of St. Petersburg; in the 2010, 2012 and 2013 was in the Top 10 managers in the financial sector of the joint Association of managers of Russia (AMR) and Kommersant newspaper’s “Top-1000 Russian managers”.

He has published more than 25 papers on the theory of programming, a number of articles on the information society and computer business, on the concept of “electronic government”.

Igor Agamirzian graduated from the department of mathematics and mechanics of Leningrad State University, specialty “Applied mathematics” at the chair of software of computers in 1979.

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