Program overview|О программе


The conference Program consist of keynote, regular and blitz presentations, discussions and workshops.

The program targets both experienced specialists and those who seek to expand their knowledge to the new areas which might be adjacent to their core specialization.

Some of the conference topics are listed below:

  • Programming Technologies and Tools
  • DevOps
  • AI; Intelligent Apps and Analytics ; Intelligent Things

    Over the next few years every app, application and service will incorporate AI at some level. AI will run unobtrusively in the background of many familiar application categories while giving rise to entirely new ones. AI has become the next major battleground in a wide range of software and service markets, including aspects of ERP. “Challenge your packaged software and service providers to outline how they’ll be using AI to add business value in new versions in the form of advanced analytics, intelligent processes and advanced user experiences,” notes Cearley.

    Intelligent Apps also create a new intelligent intermediary layer between people and systems and have the potential to transform the nature of work and the structure of the workplace, as seen in virtual customer assistants and enterprise advisors and assistants.)

    Intelligent things use AI and machine learning to interact in a more intelligent way with people and surroundings. Some intelligent things wouldn’t exist without AI, but others are existing things (i.e., a camera) that AI makes intelligent (i.e., a smart camera.) These things operate semiautonomously or autonomously in an unsupervised environment for a set amount of time to complete a particular task. Examples include a self-directing vacuum or autonomous farming vehicle. As the technology develops, AI and machine learning will increasingly appear in a variety of objects ranging from smart healthcare equipment to autonomous harvesting robots for farms. As intelligent things proliferate, expect a shift from stand-alone intelligent things to a swarm of collaborative intelligent things. In this model, multiple devices will work together, either independently or with human input. The leading edge of this area is being used by the military, which is studying the use of drone swarms to attack or defend military targets. It’s evident in the consumer world in the opening example showcased at CES, the consumer electronics event.

  • IoT; Digital Twins

    A Digital Twin is a digital representation of a real-world entity or system. In the context of IoT, digital twins are linked to real-world objects and offer information on the state of the counterparts, respond to changes, improve operations and add value. With an estimated 21 billion connected sensors and endpoints by 2020, digital twins will exist for billions of things in the near future. Potentially billions of dollars of savings in maintenance repair and operation (MRO) and optimized IoT asset performance are on the table, says Cearley. In the short term, digital twins offer help with asset management, but will eventually offer value in operational efficiency and insights into how products are used and how they can be improved. Outside of the IoT, there is a growing potential to link digital twins to entities that are not simply “things.” “Over time, digital representations of virtually every aspect of our world will be connected dynamically with their real-world counterparts and with one another and infused with AI-based capabilities to enable advanced simulation, operation and analysis,” says Cearley. “City planners, digital marketers, healthcare professionals and industrial planners will all benefit from this long-term shift to the integrated digital twin world.” For example, future models of humans could offer biometric and medical data, and digital twins for entire cities will allow for advanced simulations.

  • Data Science; Big Data
  • Blockchain ; Event-Driven

    Blockchain is a shared, distributed, decentralized and tokenized ledger that removes business friction by being independent of individual applications or participants. It allows untrusted parties to exchange commercial transactions. The technology holds the promise to change industries, and although the conversation often surrounds financial opportunities, blockchain has many potential applications in government, healthcare, content distribution, supply chain and more. However, many blockchain technologies are immature and unproven, and are largely unregulated.

    A practical approach to blockchain demands a clear understanding of the business opportunity, the capabilities and limitations of blockchain, a trust architecture and the necessary implementation skills. Before embarking on a distributed-ledger project, ensure your team has the cryptographic skills to understand what is and isn’t possible. Identify the integration points with existing infrastructures, and monitor the platform evolution and maturation. Use extreme caution when interacting with vendors, and ensure you are clearly identifying how the term “blockchain” is being used.

    Digital businesses rely on the ability to sense and be ready to exploit new digital business moments. Business events reflect the discovery of notable states or state changes, such as completion of a purchase order. Some business events or combinations of events constitute business moments — a detected situation that calls for some specific business action. The most consequential business moments are those that have implications for multiple parties, such as separate applications, lines of business or partners.

    With the advent of AI, the IoT, and other technologies, business events can be detected more quickly and analyzed in greater detail. Enterprises should embrace “event thinking” as part of a digital business strategy. By 2020, event-sourced, real-time situational awareness will be a required characteristic for 80% of digital business solutions, and 80% of new business ecosystems will require support for event processing.

  • Cloud; Cloud to the Edge

    Edge computing describes a computing topology in which information processing and content collection and delivery are placed closer to the sources of this information. Connectivity and latency challenges, bandwidth constraints and greater functionality embedded at the edge favors distributed models. Enterprises should begin using edge design patterns in their infrastructure architectures — particularly for those with significant IoT elements. A good starting point could be using colocation and edgespecific networking capabilities.

    While it’s common to assume that cloud and edge computing are competing approaches, it’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the concepts. Edge computing speaks to a computing topology that places content, computing and processing closer to the user/things or “edge” of the networking. Cloud is a system where technology services are delivered using internet technologies, but it does not dictate centralized or decentralized service delivering services. When implemented together, cloud is used to create the serviceoriented model and edge computing offers a delivery style that allows for executions of disconnected aspects of cloud service.)

  • High-Loaded Systems
  • Embedded Systems; Hardware and Low-level Programming.
  • Open Source Technologies & Community
  • Voice Interfaces; Natural Languages Text Processing; Conversational Platforms

    Conversational platforms will drive a paradigm shift in which the burden of translating intent shifts from user to computer. These systems are capable of simple answers (How’s the weather?) or more complicated interactions (book a reservation at the Italian restaurant on Parker Ave.) These platforms will continue to evolve to even more complex actions, such as collecting oral testimony from crime witnesses and acting on that information by creating a sketch of the suspect’s face based on the testimony. The challenge that conversational platforms face is that users must communicate in a very structured way, and this is often a frustrating experience. A primary differentiator among conversational platforms will be the robustness of their conversational models and the API and event models used to access, invoke and orchestrate third-party services to deliver complex outcomes).

  • Security; Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust

    Digital business creates a complex, evolving security environment. The use of increasingly sophisticated tools increases the threat potential. Continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) allows for real-time, risk and trust-based decision making with adaptive responses to security-enable digital business. Traditional security techniques using ownership and control rather than trust will not work in the digital world. Infrastructure and perimeter protection won’t ensure accurate detection and can’t protect against behind-the-perimeter insider attacks. This requires embracing people-centric security and empowering developers to take responsibility for security measures. Integrating security into your DevOps efforts to deliver a continuous “DevSecOps” process and exploring deception technologies (e.g., adaptive honeypots) to catch bad guys that have penetrated your network are two of the new techniques that should be explored to make CARTA a reality.

  • VR, AR, Immersive Experience

    Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality are changing the way that people perceive and interact with the digital world. Combined with conversational platforms, a fundamental shift in the user experience to an invisible and immersive experience will emerge. Application vendors, system software vendors and development platform vendors will all compete to deliver this model.

    Over the next five years the focus will be on mixed reality, which is emerging as the immersive experience of choice, where the user interacts with digital and real-world objects while maintaining a presence in the physical world. Mixed reality exists along a spectrum and includes head-mounted displays (HMD) for AR or VR, as well as smartphone- and tablet-based AR. Given the ubiquity of mobile devices, Apple’s release of ARkit and iPhone X, Google’s Tango and ARCore, and the availability of cross-platform AR software development kits such as Wikitude, we expect the battles for smartphonebased AR and MR to heat up in 2018.)

  • Software Testing and Verification
  • System Analysis and Requirements Engineering
  • Project and Product Management (Classical & Agile)
  • Software Architecture
  • Continuous Professional Development: From Classical to Corporate University
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Human Computer Interaction; User Experience, Usability

See also:

Last year Program

Call for Speakers

В Программу SECR 2018 вошли ключевые и приглашенные доклады, а также конкурсные доклады, панельные дискуссии, мастер-классы.

Открытие SECR состоится утром 12 октября, далее в несколько потоков пройдут доклады, дискуссии и мастер-классы.

13 октября — второй день конференции также посвящён докладам и мастер-классам.
Он завершится церемонией закрытия, на которой пройдёт вручение премии Бертрана Мейера.

Программа SECR ориентирована как на опытных специалистов, так и на тех, кто стремится набрать начальный опыт, в том числе в смежных с основной специализацией областях.


Key & Invited Speakers

Bertrand Meyer

Bertrand Meyer

Professor, Politecnico di Milano and Innopolis University

Igor Agamirzyan

Igor Agamirzyan

Vice-President, NRU HSE

Anatoly Levenchuk

Anatoly Levenchuk

Systems Management School

Nikolay Igotti

Nikolay Igotti

Team lead of Kotlin/Native

Владимир Литошенко

Vladimir Litoshenko

VP Business Development
First Line Software


Accepted talks & master-classes


Ключевые и приглашённые докладчики

Бертран Мейер

Бертран Мейер

Профессор, университеты Иннополис и Politecnico di Milano

Игорь Агамирзян

Игорь Агамирзян

Вице-президент, НИУ ВШЭ

Анатолий Левенчук

Анатолий Левенчук

Школа системного менеджмента

Николай Иготти

Николай Иготти

Технический руководитель Kotlin/Native

Владимир Литошенко

Владимир Литошенко

Директор по развитию
First Line Software


Принятые доклады и мастер-классы


Olga Pavlova|Ольга Павлова

Interface Designer Tools in the Production IT-Cycle|Инструменты дизайнера интерфейсов в производственном IT-цикле


No translation yet, sorry.


В ремесленном режиме, когда дизайнер интерфейсов работает один или в паре с программистом, он волен сам выбирать себе среду для проектирования и дизайна.

Но как только работа становится командной, у всех…

Тамара Кулинкович. Что ценно для разработчиков и что им предлагают ваши конкуренты: результаты исследованияTamara Kulinkovich|Тамара Кулинкович

8 Counterintuitive Answers about User Research|8 неочевидных ответов об исследованиях пользователей


No translation yet, sorry.


Выступление построено из ответов на самые распространенные вопросы об исследованиях пользователей. Мы обсудим, почему исследования не всегда нужны, почему их результаты бывают бесполезными и как не потратить ресурсы…

Alexander Gavrilov|Александр Гаврилов

University Role in IT Specialists Training|Роль университета в подготовке ИТ-специалистов


Образование — непрерывно, все участники конференции учились, учатся и будут продолжать учиться. Важная веха для любого — базовое в предметной области (как правило, вузовское) образование, поэтому мы приглашаем всех участников на панельную дискуссию «Роль…

Nick Volynkin|Николай Волынкин

Technical writer 2.0|Технический писатель 2.0


During the last year I’ve talked a lot to IT managers and my fellow technical writers. Turns out that both sides often don’t know how a writer can be useful to the business, except just writing the docs. It hurts both sides: business has unresolved tasks and writers…

Georgy Pchelintsev|Георгий Пчелинцев

Forbidden knowledge: what a developer can reuse|Запретные знания: что может переиспользовать разработчик


Based on his many years of experience assisting with software product development and acquisition projects, practical recommendations will be given to developers on what shouldn’t be done in terms of borrowing knowledge and code.

Target audience: The presentation will be…

Vsevolod Rodionov|Всеволод Родионов

Paranoid Service Worker|Параноидальный Service Worker


We can definitely say that the full potential of Service Worker technology has not yet been revealed. The range their possibilities is much more than just smart cache, and this tech talk will be dedicated to an unusual approach of its…

Michael Kupcuk|Михаил Купчук

Optimizing cluster interconnect with InfiniBand RDMA shown by updating MySQL Cluster|Оптимизация интерконнекта кластерного решения при помощи InfiniBand RDMA на примере доработки MySQL Cluster


This presentation describes expirience of our command in modifying MySQL Cluster to support IniniBand RDMA in nodes commutications. As an alternative view to horizontal scaling solution we developed working prototype that uses native RDMA interface which showed 25% performance…

Aleksey Drozhzhov|Алексей Дрожжов

We have blind member in our team. How we adjusted to associated challenges?|Опыт работы в команде с незрячими коллегами. Как правильно готовить информацию для восприятия её с помощью Screen Reader.


Last year one of our team members completely lost his vision.

Since then he relies on screen readers and voice calls for all project communication.

Since charts and graphs are not an option team come up with rules for text based communications and standards used…

Сергей Нужненко, SuperJob. Проектирование системы, как процесс мышленияSergey Nuzhnenko|Сергей Нужненко

System design as a thinking process|Проектирование системы, как процесс мышления


At first glance, an educated person engaged in the design and development of it systems, knows all about the practical side of thinking. In reality, even specialists with extensive experience make systematic mistakes. And when it comes to the team process, the situation worsens…

Евгений Зиндер, ФОСТАСEugene Zinder|Евгений Зиндер

Architectural principles for making decisions for the development, acquisition and use of SW products|Архитектурное мышление и планирование software-продуктов для цифровых предприятий


Often the guidelines of the developer, supplier, purchaser and user SW-product are inconsistent, even worse, if they contradict each other. Possible shortcomings and damages, as well as their sources are given on examples of known systems and companies. Basic architectural…

Владимир Красильщик, Яндекс.Маркет ЛабVladimir Krasilschik|Владимир Красильщик

«Silver bullet» for monitoring of multicomponent applications built on JVM or other platforms|»Серебряная пуля» для мониторинга многокомпонентных приложений построенных на JVM и других платформах


This presentation overviews tools and approaches for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Business Transactions Monitoring (BTM) of large multicomponent systems. The main goals of the talk are to raise awareness of an audience about a variety of possible solutions for…

Ирина Снегова, Любимый крайIrina Snegova|Ирина Снегова

Value proposition development on the example of «Lyubimyy Kray»|Разработка предложения ценности на примере КО «Любимый край»


In our company CBT approaches are used, one of the tools is creation of value proposition. I must say that value propositions imply a lot of work of all departments, as it is not a slogan but concrete and measurable factors which are manifested in everyday work. During the…

Анна Атрошкина. IT+HR. Несколько идей о том, как наладить совместную работу и получать лучших разработчиков в свою командуAnna Atroshkina|Анна Атрошкина

DevOps philosophy in hiring and leading IT-teams|Философия DevOps в формировании и управлении IT-командами


Report-recommendation. Several steps and techniques that will help TeamLeads and CTO make the work of HR specialists more effective.


Огромная часть успеха вашего it-проекта зависит от HR и рекрутера. Просто смиритесь с этим. Или нет? Рекрутер…

Андрей Степенко. Технологичность архитектурыAndrey Stepenko|Андрей Степенко

The manufacturability of the architecture|Технологичность архитектуры


It projects inherit 2 problems of known types of architectures A and V of classification of VATI production systems. On the one hand, the limitation will always be at the beginning of the project in the development of the project architecture. On the other hand, it will always…

SECR speakerKonstantin Valeev|Константин Валеев

Managing requirement specification practises|Управление практиками спецификации требований


My talk is about management of requirements specification practices — tools and notations for creating artifacts, understandable to different participants of the development; how to choose from a variety of tools the ones that suitable for your project. I will show how SEMAT…

Александр Турханов. Лидерство и ArchiEssenceAlexander Turkhanov|Александр Турханов

Talk in EnglishDistributed leadership and SysArchi|Распределенное лидерство и SysArchi


How stakeholder concept guides complex organization activities? Definition of leadership through stakeholders.


Представьте, что ваша команда сама справляется с внутренними проблемами, ей не нужен авторитетный арбитр для решения личных и рабочих…

Тамара Кулинкович. Что ценно для разработчиков и что им предлагают ваши конкуренты: результаты исследованияTamara Kulinkovich|Тамара Кулинкович

What is valuable for developers and what your competitors are offering: the results of the research|Что ценно для разработчиков и что им предлагают ваши конкуренты: результаты исследования


Money, projects and training are not the only values ​​for which employees choose a company.

If you wondered how to compete with other companies for employees and how to attract new people, you will be interested in the results of the study of value propositions of IT…

Игорь Дёмин. Blockchain 101Igor Demin|Игорь Дёмин

A Briefer History of Cryptoanarchy|Кратчайшая история криптоанархии


The topic is largely unsolved, but definitely worth attention. On every corner now selling the «Blockchain», the cryptocurrency courses are broadcast along with the oil price and the dollar… The audience will learn what really was behind all this, what drove…

Филипп Дельгядо. Каждой фазе проекта – своя методология. Как и зачем.Phillip Delgyado|Филипп Дельгядо

Methodology per project stage. Tips and tricks.|Каждой фазе проекта — своя методология. Как и зачем.


I’ll speak about reasons, pros and cons of using different development methodologies (from Waterfall to Kanban) on different project stages. Basing on a payment system development project I’ll focus on changing methodologies, choosing the most appropriate one, and…

Иван Кульков, Открытые решения. Crowd-teaching как основа digital-трансформации системы подготовки разработчиков ПОIvan Kulkov|Иван Кульков

Crowd-teaching as the basis of digital transformation of software engineers education system|Crowd-teaching как основа digital-трансформации системы подготовки разработчиков ПО


The need for software developers is growing rapidly and it is already clear that every year the existing system of training is lagging behind, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The report proposes to consider the approach to the transformation of the education…

Игорь Сухоруков. Генерация диаграмм последовательности из BDD тестов, как общий язык для команды и бизнесаIgor Suhorukov|Игорь Сухоруков

Comparison of Big Data solution to process large amount of biomedical data|Сравнение Big Data решений для аналитической обработки больших объемов биомедицинской информации


In this report we compare AWS Redshift, Greenplum, CitusDB, Druid, ClickHouse, CrateDB, PrestoDB, Apache Drill, Dremio, Apache HAWQ and its strength and weak.


Все больше компаний в тренде и готовы анализировать все доступные источники…

SECR speakerAlexander Lebedev|Александр Лебедев

The hard life of a highly qualified professional|Тяжелая жизнь высококвалифицированного профессионала


The seller’s dream is to sell as expensive as possible. The buyer’s dream is to buy as cheap as possible. How to make them both happy? Is it possible that highly qualified professionals could receive as much for their work as they deserve, and employers would pay for…

Михаил Острогорский. Продуктивная модель связности текстаMikhail Ostrogorskiy|Михаил Острогорский

The productive model of coherent text|Продуктивная модель связности текста


The presentation gives an idea of transformation of structured subject-related data to smooth-flowing coherent text. The transformation is based on a logical model that authors designed in order to explain what exactly makes text coherent. The model is implemented in a software…

SECR speakerKonstantin Valeev|Константин Валеев

How to use Russian standards GOST 19 and 34 in modern software development|ГОСТы 19 и 34: как их применять сегодня


My talk will guide you on how to apply Russian standards GOST 19 and 34 on your project: why you may need them, which part of them is obviously outdated and which one is still valuable, how to use widely accepted artifacts and techniques along with GOST…

Евгений Виноградов. Яндекс.Деньги. Business Intelligence в микросервисной архитектуреEvgeny Vinogradov|Евгений Виноградов

Talk in EnglishBusiness Intelligence in microservice architecture|Business Intelligence в микросервисной архитектуре


Talk will cover differences in BI development while entire compay goes to microservice arhitecture. I will cover some aspects of data warehouse and data mart development, also covering trands in this area wich become actual in our case.



Екатерина Потапова. Живем без офиса: Как управлять удаленной командойKate Potapova|Екатерина Потапова

Life Without Office: How to Manage a Remote Team|Живем без офиса: Как управлять удаленной командой


This report is based on 7+ years of my experience in project management in distributed and remote teams (working on the development of technical documentation and the software in this field).

We will discuss the pros and cons of remote work from different perspectives:…

Виталий Камянский. ООП и ФП в .NET двоемыслие или выбор?Vitaly Kamiansky|Виталий Камянский

OOP and FP in Mainstream Programming: Finding Balance with C# and F#|ООП и ФП в мейнстримовом программировании: ищем баланс с C# и F#


C# and F# manage to comprise the two paradigms seemingly in conflict with each other on a very deep level. How do we make it work for us? Do we pick a side or do we combine the principles from both worlds into a higher-level vision? The presentation focuses on real life…

Дмитрий Солдатенков. Разработка гибридных кросс-платформенных приложений для Sailfish ОСDmitry Soldatenkov|Дмитрий Солдатенков

Development native and hybrid applications for Sailfish Mobile OS RUS|Разработка нативных и гибридных приложений для Sailfish Mobile OS RUS


History of creation and prospects of the mobile operating system Sailfish Mobile OS RUS.
Technological heritage and architecture of the platform.

The Qt framework is the main tool for developing native applications.

Cross-platform development and…

Михаил Плаксин. Применение диверсионного анализа для совершенствования организационных процессовMikhail Plaksin|Михаил Плаксин

The use of sabotage analysis for improving organizational processes|Применение диверсионного анализа для совершенствования организационных процессов


The sabotage analysis (diversionary analysis) is a method of improving technological processes, proposed by the future TRIZ Master B.L. Zlotin in the late 70-s of the last century. In the US and Western Europe, it is known under the brand Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD)…

Александр Титов. DevOps в корпоративной среде, возможен ли?Alexander Titov|Александр Титов

DevOps in enterprise, is it possible?|DevOps в корпоративной среде, возможен ли?


Most enterprise companies have been started DevOps transformation. I will share with you my thoughts about the pros and cons of this and try to make the question is it possible to start DevOps in an enterprise environment?


Многие энтерпрайз…

Иван Короткий. Использование баз данных при секвенировании геномаIvan Korotkii|Иван Короткий

Relevant way of developing needs in the technology of processing dig data in bioinformatics|Об актуальных потребностях обработки больших данных в биоинформатике


Bioinformatics happens to be one the fastest growing fields in terms of generating big data while still retaining a set of outdated software tools to deal with the enormous volume of data it produces. In this case, common sense does not support the situation with law of supply…

Андрей Садовых. Model-Based System Engineering in Practice: Document Generation – MegaM@Rt Project ExperienceAndrey Sadovykh|Андрей Садовых

Talk in EnglishModel-Based System Engineering in Practice: Document Generation — MegaM@Rt Project Experience

MegaM@Rt2 project is a collaborative initiative of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking under Horizon 2020 EU programme. The project regroups 26 partners from 6 different European countries who jointly address challenges of engineering modern cyber-physical systems by using model-based engineering…

Михаил Белов. Аналитик и разработчик в одном лице: опыт применения BDD в стартапеMikhail Belov|Михаил Белов

Sharing roles of analyst and developer: application of BDD in a startup|Аналитик и разработчик в одном лице: опыт применения BDD в стартапе


If developers work in a startup, they most likely have to work with unclear requirements. And there is no dedicated analyst role in the team for sure. So they have to find out the details about each feature themselves. I will share my own experience of getting a feature…

SECR speakerAleksey Lesnykh|Алексей Лесных

How to improve relationships with superiors, colleagues and subordinates, managing your own emotional condition through internal changes|Как улучшить отношения с начальством, коллегами и подчиненными, управляя своим состоянием с помощью внутренних изменений


Communication with difficult people, as well as crucial conversations, are one of the main sources of stress. This report covers practices of restoring your emotional condition and correcting ineffective mastered response patterns to people’s actions and words using internal…

Иван Перл. Автомагическая организация в распределённом проекте sdCloudIvan Perl|Иван Перл

Automagic organization in distributes project sdCloud|Автомагическая организация в распределённом проекте sdCloud


This presentation describing experience of international research project called sdCloud in building and maintaining distributed development team and our approach in automation process that allows to provide regular releases of our platform to international research communities.…

Кирилл Улитин. Исследование эмоциональных откликов при чтении документаKirill Ulitin|Кирилл Улитин

Research of a reader emotional response|Исследование эмоциональных откликов при чтении документа


Affordable costs of BCI devices open new engine for UX research. This presentation will show hands-on experience of using an OpenBCI EEG interface to explore a person’s emotional response while reading texts.


Демократизация стоимости…

Алексей Пикулев. Мастер-класс “Развиваем доверие в командах”Alexey Pikulev|Алексей Пикулев

Master-class. Growing team trust|Мастер-класс. Развиваем доверие в командах


Learn to use the Team Trust Canvas methodology to strengthen your team performance.

During the workshop, participants will learn which factors are essential for trust and how to
use this new capacity to create an environment that brings the best of…

Polina Kazakova|Полина Казакова

Applying Topic Segmentation to Document-Level Information Retrieval|Тематическая сегментация в информационном поиске


In the present paper we discuss how text segmentation could be applied in the information retrieval domain. We assume that topic text segmentation allows one to better model text structure and therefore language itself, which influences the quality of text representation. We…

Ксения Антонова. “DeepDive” with experts: share to improveKseniia Antonova|Ксения Антонова

“DeepDive” with experts: share to improve


We have invented and created an approach, which allows experts from different projects to come to another project, explore working mode, principles, share experience, improve project processes and make a project more effective. It’s not even an audit…

In my report I will…

SECR speakerIgor Chizhevskiy|Игорь Чижевский

Implementation of DPC on Elbrus: approaches and results|Практическая реализация ЦОД на Эльбрусе: подходы и результаты


Practical experience of finishing and implementation of a software of a big state information system for functioning on a domestic hardware platform.


Практический опыт доработки и внедрения ПО большой государственной информационной системы для…

Тимофей Левицкий. Корпоративные стартапыTimofey Levitskiy|Тимофей Левицкий

Master-class. Corporate start-ups|Мастер-класс. Корпоративные стартапы


The speech is dedicated to a corporate startups. That means the projects that are initiated and developed by the employees of the company. We will cover the themes, connected with risks, contradictions which can appear during the enteral startups…

Aleksei Pimenov|Алексей Пименов

LeanKanban approach to project planning and forecasting|LeanKanban подход к оценке и прогнозированию проектов


LeanKanban’s approach is based on a probabilistic approach to project, tasks, initiatives and improvements planning and forecasting. During my session, I will introduce this approach: identification of work item types, classes of service and defining SLAs.


Sandra Aleksieje. Think globally, work locally: distributed & remote teams in the programSandra Aleksieje

Talk in EnglishThink globally, work locally: distributed & remote teams in the program

Nowadays the distributed and remote teams’ topic is equally actual in the projects management as the change management challenge. This requires knowledge and different steps to make it working and effective.

The presentation goal is to share experience and tips for distributed and remote…

Alexander Boldyrev|Александр Болдырев

Pitfalls of implementing Security Development Lifecycle|Подводные камни внедрения Security Development Lifecycle


The security of modern software is achieved by applying a set of practices of secure development at all stages of the life cycle.

Let’s look at the basic approaches to the implementation of a security development lifecycle, as well as the positive and negative…

Микеле Маркези. An Agile Software Engineering Method to Design Blockchain ApplicationsMichele Marchesi|Микеле Маркези

Talk in EnglishAn Agile Software Engineering Method to Design Blockchain Applications


This paper proposes a software development process to gather the requirement, analyze, design, develop, test and deploy Blockchain applications.

The process is based on Agile practices, but makes also use of more formal notations, such as some UML diagrams, modified to…

SECR speakerNik Fateev|Николай Фатеев

Master-class. Feature discovery|Мастер-класс. Feature discovery


If your product grows and develops, then for sure you have a long list of ideas, how it can be improved or developed. Ideas can come from your users or be born within a project team. Ideas are always more than time and opportunity. How to choose the idea that will receive the…

Сергей Алехин. Конструируем процесс разработки на основе практик SEMATSergei Alekhin|Сергей Алехин

Master-class. Build the development process based on SEMAT practices|Мастер-класс. Конструируем процесс разработки на основе практик SEMAT


A business game that allows you to build a new development process or improve an existing one using the SEMAT practices library.


Деловая игра, позволяющая сконструировать новый процесс разработки или улучшить уже существующий, используя…

Антон Семенченко. Архитектура решений Автоматизации тестирования на уровне диаграммAnton Semenchenko|Антон Семенченко

Architecture of QA Automation solutions in diagrams|Архитектура решений автоматизации тестирования на уровне диаграмм


In several steps we will draw the most popular schemes of automation solutions architecture, figure out what limitations if any, are applied to them by the popular automation approaches such as DDT, KDT, BDD, DSL and others


Мы в несколько этапов…

Игорь Шаталкин. Улучшаем инфраструктуру разработки при помощи самописных инструментовIgor Shatalkin|Игорь Шаталкин

Improving development infrastructure with the help of custom tools|Улучшаем инфраструктуру разработки при помощи самописных инструментов


In my presentation, I’m going to give an overview of our three custom tools. Sherlock Bug helps to find out how the tasks similar to yours have been solved earlier. Revizor (Auditor) lets you know when the man-hours estimate is exceeded and informs you of the other deviations in…

Николай Поташников. Применение практики «Документация как код» для документирования заказных приложенийNikolaj Potashnikov|Николай Поташников

Applying «Documentation as Code» practice in custom software development|Применение практики «Документация как код» для документирования заказных приложений


Ability to create good documentation distinguishes software developer among competitors. Ability to do it effeciently, with reasonable efforts, is not so visible, but not less important, especially if software product is complex and customer is demanding.

Our more than 20…

Николай Ефанов. Восстановление дерева процессов Linux трансформациями дерева, управляемыми атрибутной грамматикойNikolay Efanov|Николай Ефанов

Linux Process Tree Reconstruction Using The Attributed Grammar-Based Tree Transformation Model|Восстановление дерева процессов Linux трансформациями дерева, управляемыми атрибутной грамматикой


The problem of constructing attribute grammar and syntactic-semantic interface for restoring chains of system calls generating some input tree of Linux processes is considered. An experimental comparison is made with the BPSF method presented on SEC(R) -2017, and the advantages…

Дмитрий Туфанов. Как свести концы с концами. Практики кросс-командного взаимодействия.Dmitry Tufanov|Дмитрий Туфанов

How to make ends meet. Practices of cross-team interaction.|Как свести концы с концами. Практики кросс-командного взаимодействия.


Several teams may be involved during development of almost any complex project. A properly organized process of creating cross-team features is huge success factor.

I’ll tell about the workflow, which we came up with during the development of our new online banking…

Ирина Радченко. Solving Data Integration Problems in Medical Imaging System: A Case Study in Almazov National Medical Research CentreIrina Radchenko|Ирина Радченко

Solving Data Integration Problems in Medical Imaging System: A Case Study in Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Authors present a methodology which allows computer scientists to create and process depersonalised medical data sets. The system being developed allows its users to collect, transform and process data from heterogeneous medical sources and to validate various hypothesis using medical data sets.

Александр Чистяков. On declarative configuration management using Kubernetes and HelmAlexander Chistyakov|Александр Чистяков

On declarative configuration management using Kubernetes and Helm

Configuration management tools strived to provide a declarative way to describe the desired state. This was achieved to some extent using Puppet manifests and Salt states, but they never worked good enough due to the imperative nature of systems to be configured. Kubernetes and Helm provide a…

Татьяна Бунто. Аналитика на 100млн. данныхTatiana Bunto|Татьяна Бунто

Analytics for 100 million data. Short lesson for system integrators|Аналитика на 100млн. данных. Краткий ликбез для системных интеграторов


In enterprise systems, data has been accumulating for years. And it seems a simple task-to configure the integration of the database sources in the database of your system. It would seem, what problems can be? Check the model of the system, do mapping. The catch is that everyone…

Михаил Матросов. Как не потонуть в пучине легасиMikhail Matrosov|Михаил Матросов

How not to sink in the deep of legacy|Как не потонуть в пучине легаси


To create great software from scratch and to turn big ball of legacy mud into a marble are completely different tasks. Many of us know how to create simple and robust interfaces, how to use the most effective and state of the art tools. But when faced against a huge product…

Максим Мозговой. Всесторонний подход к обеспечению качества в проекте мобильной игрыMaxim Mozgovoy|Максим Мозговой

Talk in EnglishA Comprehensive Approach to Quality Assurance in a Mobile Game Project|Всесторонний подход к обеспечению качества в проекте мобильной игры


We share the lessons learned during a three year-long mobile game development project and discuss the QA techniques that turned out to be most efficient for us. We analyze how these activities address typical game-specific mobile development and testing issues, and why they can…

Алиса Комиссарова. Один для всех. Синхронизация всех типов контента компании в единой CCMSAlisa Komissarova|Алиса Комиссарова

One for all. Synchronizing all types of content in a company into a single CCMS|Один для всех. Синхронизация всех типов контента компании в единой CCMS


I’ll describe how such a tool as CCMS helps with content development not only to the technical documentation team, but also other departments of the company. You will learn the advantages of centralized implementation, and how it affects the organization of joint work of…

Екатерина Носкова. Разработка документации: от постановки до деплояEkaterina Noskova|Екатерина Носкова

Developing documentation: from problem statement to deployment|Разработка документации: от постановки до деплоя


In this report I will talk about the process of creating, localization and publishing documentation at This resource is intended to developers who want to integrate Xsolla solutions. I will also talk about tools and ways which we use to create, localize…

Владимир Иванов. Корутины в Kotlin: Как забыть про RxJava и не пожалетьVladimir Ivanov|Владимир Иванов

Talk in EnglishRole of Solution Architect in a Software Project|Роль архитектора решений в проекте по Разработке ПО


We all know what is the responsibility of Project Managers, Developers and Test Engineers. But what does a Solution Architect do?


Мы все знаем, чем занимаются проектные менеджеры, разработчики и инженеры по тестированию. Но чем конкретно занят архитектор?


Виктор Вальчук. Разработка предложения мафии для рынкаViktor Valchuk|Виктор Вальчук

«Mafia offer» development for market|Разработка «предложения мафии» для рынка


Value proposition solves the root problem of the customer related to the acquisition of your services. The report, aimed at business owners and managers, product development managers, shows exactly how such development occurs on the example of developing a value proposition for…

Андрей Коновалов. Azure IoT как универсальная платформа для корпоративных IoT решений. Всё ли так, как выглядит с первого взгляда?Andrey Konovalov|Андрей Коновалов

Azure IoT as a generic platform for enterprise IoT solutions. Is everything the way it looks at first glance?|Azure IoT как универсальная платформа для корпоративных IoT решений. Всё ли так, как выглядит с первого взгляда?


Attendees of the presentation will learn about practical experience of selection of Cloud IoT platform for connection of specialized “smart” devices for one of the customer projects in MERA Company. Azure IoT platform has been chosen which offered optimal choice of capabilities…

Илья Шишков, Яндекс. Просто о сложном: опыт создания курсов по C++ на CourseraIlia Shishkov|Илья Шишков

Complex made simple: how we teach C++ on Coursera|Просто о сложном: опыт создания курсов по C++ на Coursera


For the past two years I have been leading the project of creating a C++ specialization on Coursera. The specialization is going to consist of five courses, three of which are already launched and another one is almost ready.

In my talk I want to tell:

why we…

Максим Цепков. Мыслить проектно: история и современностьMaksim Tsepkov|Максим Цепков

Project mindset: the past and the present|Мыслить проектно: история и современность


На заре развития ИТ считалось, что каждый член команды должен мыслить проектно: соотносить свою задачу с целью проекта и действиями других и при необходимости быть готовым прийти на помощь. В то время Брукс писал, что бригады главного программиста подобны бригадам медиков,…

Александр Леушкин. Дешёвый и масштабируемый кол-центр на FreeSWITCH. Правда или вымысел?Aleksandr Leushkin|Александр Леушкин

Cheap and scalable call-center based on FreeSWITCH. Is it truth or fiction?|Дешёвый и масштабируемый колл-центр на FreeSWITCH. Правда или вымысел?


I will tell you about my experience in development of scalable call-center solution based on Open Source components. I will describe evolution of architecture of the application with similar goal starting from the idea and finishing by production ready solution. We developed…

Филипп Хандельянц. Мастер-класс: Практика использования статических анализаторов кодаPhillip Khandeliants|Филипп Хандельянц

Master-class. The practice of using static code analyzers|Мастер-класс. Практика использования статических анализаторов кода


In modern realities, the issue of software code quality is becoming more urgent. Static analysis tools are applied more often for eliminating bugs, security problems, and «code smells». A centralized view of all warnings issued by various tools can become another pain…

Сергей Хренов. Статический анализ кода: от опечаток к уязвимостямSergey Khrenov|Сергей Хренов

Static code analysis: from typos to vulnerabilities|Статический анализ кода: от опечаток к уязвимостям


In the report I will tell about the importance of the SAST (Static Application Security Testing) when developing secure, reliable applications and also about existing alternatives. Based on long-term experience of checking a large number of open source projects, I’ll tell…

Игорь Хапов. Как технология serverless при создании data science проектов может повысить утилизацию ресурсовIgor Khapov|Игорь Хапов

How serverless computing in data science can help to utilize your resources|Как технология serverless при создании data science проектов может повысить утилизацию ресурсов


Speaker will describe serverless technology, different use cases and how this approach can help you to utilize your resources.


Докладчик опишет основные концепции технологии serverless, расскажет основные сценарии и свой опыт использования…

Александр Щербаков. Почему микросервисы не летают и как помочь им взлететьAlexandr Shcherbakov|Александр Щербаков

Why microservices do not fly and how to help them to take off|Почему микросервисы не летают и как помочь им взлететь


In recent years, more and more teams are starting to use microservices in their projects. This is due to the fact that the business directly specifies in the requirements the possibility of scaling and highload already at the start of any, not even a very large project. But very…

Борис Штейнберг. Конвейерные схемы, вычисляющие несколько выраженийBoris Steinberg|Борис Штейнберг

What happens to IT-education?|Что происходит с ИТ-образованием


Discusses the economic reasons for the changes in education in Russia.

After the talk panel discussion University Role in IT Specialists Training will take place.


Рассматриваются экономические причины изменений в образовании РФ.…

Аркадий Мурашев. Действенный мониторинг доступности в вебеArkadiy Murashev|Аркадий Мурашев

Actionable availability monitoring in web|Действенный мониторинг доступности в вебе


During development of web services we are often faced with the issues of service availability for users. In my talk I want to show you the importance of user availability metrics and how to use them as the driver of development process. You will learn how to select indicators…

Константин Семенов. Адекватные мокапы и прототипыKonstantin Semenov|Константин Семенов

Reasonable mockups and prototypes|Адекватные мокапы и прототипы

With help of mockups and prototypes, IT-teams can visualize the project scope, elicit and clarify the requirements, manage customer expectation and even setup effective communications.

But some complications may occur, like:

· What exactly we should use in…

Владислав Рябченко. SOLID: принципы успеха веб-фреймворка Symfony и ваших приложенийVladyslav Riabchenko|Владислав Рябченко

Talk in EnglishSOLID: the principles of success of Symfony framework and your applications|SOLID: принципы успеха веб-фреймворка Symfony и ваших приложений


SOLID stands for five principles of OOP intended to improve software reliability, extensibility and maintainability. The Symfony web framework is an excellent support to demonstrate each principle of SOLID: we will see how SOLID is beneficial for this framework that is easy to…

Екатерина Полицына. Разработка кроссплатформенной библиотеки морфологического анализа текстов на русском языке для использования в промышленных системахEkaterina Politsyna|Екатерина Полицына

Development of the Cross-platform Library of Morphological Analysis of the Russian Language Text for Industrial Software|Разработка кроссплатформенной библиотеки морфологического анализа текстов на русском языке для использования в промышленных системах


The need to automate text data processing leads to the need of using computer linguistics tools in industrial systems of different kinds (document management systems, e-commerce, etc.), which imposes additional requirements on the means of automatic text…

Shaoying Liu Professor, Hosei UniversityShaoying Liu|Шаоин Лю

Talk in EnglishAgile Formal Engineering Method for Software Productivity and Reliability

In spite of the extensive efforts made by researchers and practitioners over the last fifty years, software engineering is still facing tremendous challenges. Several well-recognized software development paradigms have been studied and applied, but considerable difficulties and problems with…

Orkhan Gasimov. Reactive & Distributed – Архитектура современного приложенияOrkhan Gasimov|Орхан Гасымов

Reactive & Distributed — Modern application architecture|Reactive & Distributed — Архитектура современного приложения


During past years, the requirements for modern applications have increased from gigabytes of data to terabytes, from thousands of requests per second to millions, from seconds of response time to milliseconds, and this list can be continued. Until now, most of these problems…

Nikita Besshaposhnikov. Никита БесшапошниковNikita Besshaposhnikov|Никита Бесшапошников

Introduction to cooperative programming: personal responsibility and result is collective|Введение в кооперативное программирование: персональная ответственность — коллективный результат


In the modern world, network technologies are widespread in educational institutions . This fact makes it possible to switch from single-handed execution of programming tasks to collective ones. This report examines some methodological and technical details of the creation and…

Alexander Kolesnikov. Александр КолесниковAlexander Kolesnikov|Александр Колесников

Experience of project tools creating in conditions of external constraints|Опыт создания собственного проектного инструментария в условиях внешних ограничений


The report will be about experience of project tools creating in restrictions imposed by corporate policies. It’s about automating the work of the project manager, the project team and their activities related to project management.



Alexandr Serbul, 1C|Александр Сербул, 1СAlexandr Serbul|Александр Сербул

Design, development and operation of a high-loaded online replication system — 500 TB and 1 billion customer files between the continents: Amazon S3 (USA) — cloud (Russia)|Проектирование, разработка и эксплуатация высоконагруженной системы онлайн репликации >500 ТБ и 1 млрд. файлов клиентов между континентами: Amazon S3 (США) — облако (Россия)


No translation yet, sorry.


Расскажем, как мы проектировали, реализовали и запустили в эксплуатацию асинхронную репликацию данных клиентов Битрикс24 между континентами. Рассмотрим тонкости использования инфраструктуры очередей на базе Amazon SQS,…

Anna Plemyashova. Анна ПлемяшоваAnna Plemyashova|Анна Племяшова

How we built AI-based product for FMCG: from idea to sale|Как мы делали продукт с применением технологии ИИ для FMCG. От идеи до продажи.


Cooperated with industry experts in the food industry, we managed to formalize the universal task for this industry. The solution was based on the algorithm already developed by our team for demand forecasting by machine learning methods, and experts suggested specific features…

Dmitry Egorov. Дмитрий Егоров. Жизнеспособная Система УправленияDmitry Egorov|Дмитрий Егоров

Master-class. Development of product and and work structure using Thinking processes of Theory of Constraints and Lean Engineering Methods|Мастер-класс. Разработка структуры продукта и состава работ с применением мыслительных инструментов Теории ограничений и методов Lean Engineering


The most common mistake in the project planning process is the inadequate analysis of the initial requirements for the product and the necessary conditions for its development.

I’d like to present formalised tools for identifying the necessary conditions and…

Andrei Maiboroda|Андрей МайбородаAndrei Maiboroda|Андрей Майборода

Master-class. Managing Conflicts With Clients. A Practical Training|Мастер-класс. Управление конфликтами с клиентами. Практический тренинг


In this activity the participants will analyze and model most frequent conflict situations with clients of IT-companies and master new communication skills and techniques for managing agressive communication. The training is conducted by Andrei Maiboroda — experienced…

Denis Makoshenko|Денис МакошенкоDenis Makoshenko|Денис Макошенко

Talk in EnglishSimulation of IoT to Boost Services Interoperability and Lower Barriers for Things Integration

Nowadays many appliances, machines and services assist human on day-to-day basis. What if them would have intelligence to be self-maintaining, looking for supply needed, tune their service functions for a particular consumer given current context? The paper outlines directions for further…


Dmitrii Bezuglyi|Дмитрий Безуглый

Applied digital revolution. From the division of labor, to .. joint thinking.|Прикладная цифровая революция. От разделения труда… к совместному мышлению.


While some companies are trying to understand with what they eat digital history, others, you can say cynically, use its fruits. And still others are already following the departing train.

The report summarizes the experience of participation in the transformation…

Талина Венгржновская, Институт Креативного МышленияTalina Vengrzhnovskaya|Талина Венгржновская

Projective methods of building a team based on values. Or the technology of conducting strategic team sessions based on art coaching.|Проективные методы построения команды на основе ценностей. Или технология проведения стратегических командный сессий на основе арт-коучинга.


Modern world, the world of project teams. A world of multitasking and unexpected business problems. At the presentation, we will consider the author’s method of conducting team coaching to create a vision and mission of the team, based on revealing the deepest value level…

Борис Штейнберг. Конвейерные схемы, вычисляющие несколько выраженийBoris Steinberg|Борис Штейнберг

Pipeline circuits to compute several expressions|Конвейерные схемы, вычисляющие несколько выражений


This work belongs to the area of high-level synthesis. It is dedicated to preliminary С program transformations before those programs are automatically translated into electronic circuit HDL description by a compiler. Transformations in questions are aimed at finding pipeline…

Игорь Бочкарев. Трансформация мобильно новостного виджета в сервис доставки голосового контентаIgor Bochkarev|Игорь Бочкарев

Transformation of a mobile news application into a voice content delivery service|Трансформация мобильно-новостного виджета в сервис доставки голосового контента


The article describes transformation one of our projects — news widget application. In this article we describe details
about how we transform the vision and realization of product from mobile Android news widget into the newsreader, then in the voice assistant…

Алексей Золотых. Dart. Один язык – все платформы.Alexey Zolotyh|Алексей Золотых

Dart. One language — all plaforms|Dart. Один язык — все платформы.


Dart is the language that, you can use for development application on Android, iOS, Server, and Browser. I am going to tell about the benefits and problems of Dart.


Dart — единственный язык который позволяет писать под iOS, Android,…

Svetlana Mukhina|Светлана Мухина

Coaching Scrum Masters. Story of success and other cases.|Коучинг Скрам Мастеров. Истории успеха и другие происшествия.


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Некоторое время назад один из моих нынешних друзей, а в прошлом один из Скрам Мастеров, с которым я работала, сказал:

— Знаешь, до меня недавно дошло то, что ты говорила мне три года назад.

Я не…

SECR speakerSergey Kushnir|Сергей Кушнир

«Reliable Scrum: iterative development meets fixed deadlines». Practical experience|»Reliable Scrum: итеративная разработка и жесткие сроки». Опыт применения в команде


In 2016 Maxim Dorofeev made a talk about Reliable Scrum, a mixture of iterative Agile approach with critical chain project management (which is approach to project management for Theory of Constraints). In my talk I will show how do we use this metod in a team and what tools do…

Михаил Шигорин. Вычислительная платформа «Эльбрус» и её практическое применениеMichael Shigorin|Михаил Шигорин

Elbrus Computing Platform in practical applications|Вычислительная платформа «Эльбрус» и её практическое применение


This report aims at making software developer audience aware of the features and peculiarities of Elbrus computing platform.


Целью доклада является знакомство широкого круга прикладных разработчиков с возможностями отечественной вычислительной…

Fedor Krasnov|Федор КрасновFedor Krasnov|Федор Краснов

Business Intelligence: Latent Topic Discovery in Petroleum Science and Engineering via Full-text Analysis of OnePetro Papers|Анализ скрытых направлений исследований в нефтегазовой отрасли с помощью онлайн-библиотеки OnePetro


Our goal is to study the collection of all papers published on the during one calendar year with the intention to figure out the most important hidden trends. Different text mining and clustering methods are used to answer the following very usual questions. What…

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